Star Children

Kailyn Vance and her friends lead an uninspiring life on Earth until, one day, they discover a spaceship in the woods just outside their sleepy town.  Curious, they investigate, until the occupants of the spaceship find them and accidentally abduct them.

Finding themselves in a world they had only imagined before, they quickly make new friends while also determining the best way to get home.  Amidst making new discoveries that not only change their perspectives, but also their lives, Kai inadvertently comes in contact with a person that changes everything they came to know about this world.

Suddenly faced with a problem that no ordinary Earth teenager should have to face, Kai and her friends quickly learn that the universe is a far more dangerous place than they could have ever believed.

Cosmic Dreamers

Kailyn Vance has one solitary goal – to return to the world she has come to call home.  Getting there is tricky, as she was sent home for her own protection.  Leaving behind her best friend Mickel had bee a difficult, albeit necessary, evil, and every day she and her friends regret leaving him to fend for himself.

When an opportunity unexpectedly comes around, Kai and her friends take the risk to return, knowing full well it could spell disaster for everything they’ve come to know and love.  But Kai is prepared to take that risk now, determined to put a stop to the terrorism.  After all, Kai is no ordinary Earth teenager anymore.

With new discoveries and new planets to explore, Kai and her friends quickly discover that returning may prove more disastrous than they could have ever imagined, but this time, they are far more prepared, and quite willing to fight back.

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