Kailyn Vance has always been considered a 'dreamer', having her mind in the stars rather than keeping her feet firmly on the ground. She dreams of living among them, although she's quite content to study them. She and her friends live what she considers a normal life, although, like most people their age, none of them can wait to graduate high school and experience a change of pace.

When Kailyn and her friends unexpectedly find themselves in a place they've only dreamed of visiting, she quickly discovers that her life might not be what she expected it to be, that she might not be who she thought she was. However, on their exploration of their new lives, they discover a plot that not only would spell doom for themselves and their new friends, but possibly for the universe as they know it.

And to make matters worse, Kailyn just might be the key to stopping it all.

Kailyn Vance has settled into life amongst the stars. She has her old friends and her new friends to help each other through it, and she finds herself enjoying her new life more than she feels she ought to. But she has wanted this her whole life, and she finds herself embracing her new adventure as well as her new title.

However, her title of Chosen slowly starts to crept into this new life of hers,and she's finding this title to be a bit more than she bargained for. How is she supposed to stop the end of the universe when she's just barely begun to understand it herself?

As the next chapter of her life begins, Kailyn is starting to wonder if she'll be able to survive it this time around.

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