Star Children

Kailyn Sheridan has been living the life she has always dreamed of – working her dream job, married to one of the hottest guys in town, and surrounded by her friends.  The only blight in her life was the disappearance of her mother several years ago, but she has since come to terms with this.  But one night, while spending time with her friends, all that is flipped upside down with they are abducted and Kailyn is taken from her perfect life to one she had only imagined.

Discovering an entire world different from her own was one thing, but discovering her husband has been keeping things from her was something else entirely.  Kailyn and her friends quickly discover that their lives were never what they seemed.  And to add insult to injury, Kailyn manages to involve herself on a plot against her new friends without ever meaning to.

Between leaving all she ever knew behind and finding her new life might be more dangerous than she bargained for, Kailyn is forced to navigate this new world completely blind and hope for the best.  But at least she’s not alone in the endeavor.

Cosmic Dreamers

Coming soon.

Galactic Warriors

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