Gaius Apollon

Name: Gaius Apollon
Birthday:  December 12
Age:  25
Gender:  Male
Species:  Helian; born in Artemis Bay, Helios

Hair:  Dark blue; cut short and shaved on the rght side
Eyes:  Orange
Complexion:  Green; doesn’t seem effected by exposure to sunlight
Height:  6’7”
Build:  Slender; is a bit on the thin side
Other:  Two holes in right ear, one in left; elongated and pointed ears; thin curved horns; long lizard-like tail; slitted eyes

Family:  Mother (Gwnlan, 62), father (Howell, 60); older sisters (Lola, 39; Ilar, 37; Sulwyn, 32); older brothers (Rhys, 35; Tathol, 30; Kynan, 27)
Occupation: Prince consort to Aerona

Gaius is a serious young man who has a weird sense of authority to him.  He goes with the flow for the most part, but finds people are willing to listen to him for advice and when there’s a crisis.  He doesn’t understand it, because he views himself as a completely average person, but he tries his best not to disappoint anyone.  He tries to be friendly, but finds it hard to trust certain people.  He has a level temper, able to look on both sides before making judgements.

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Stravos Rhydderch

Name: Stravos Rhydderch
Birthday: August 19
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Species: Helian; born in Odinton, Helios

Hair: White; hangs straight to his mid-back
Eyes: Dark violet blue
Complexion: Red; can get darker with exposure to sunlight
Height: 7’
Build: Lanky; doesn’t appear to fit his frame
Other: Cartilage ring in left ear; elongated and pointed ears; curled ram’s horns; long lizard-like tail; slitted eyes

Family: Mother (Amalthea, 65), father (Vasil, died at 50), husband (Howell, 38)
Occupation: Astrophysicist

Stravos is a kind and friendly man who enjoys the learning more about the universe around him and how it works. He enjoys helping others learn and grow, although he prfers to be left to his own devices. He interacts well with others despite his appearance, and most people find his incredibly agreeable. He likes to take charge of situations beyond his control, mostly due to his position within the society and his upbringing. He tends to get angry for other people more than he does for himself.

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Howell Llewellyn

Name: Howell Llewellyn
Birthday: March 13
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Species: Helian; born in Ramus, Helios

Hair: Brown; cut short
Eyes: Red
Complexion: Golden orange; doesn’t change much
Height: 6’7”
Build: Average; doesn’t have much muscle mass
Other: Elongated and pointed ears; thin gazelle horns; long thin tail

Family: Mother (Gwendolen, 68), father (Merrion, 70), younger brother (Arwell, 32), husband (Stravos, 40)
Occupation: Astronomer

Howell is an extreemly absent-minded and dedicated scientist who keeps his head out in space and very rarely pays attention to what goes on around him. Most who know him find his endearing, because its hard not to get caught up in his enthusiam. He very rarely pays attention to other people, although he is indeed very interested with interacting with others. He is a generally happy man, extremely slow to anger, mostly because he doesn't see the point in trying to change people's opinions on matters.

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Alizéa Anemone

Name: Alizéa Anemone
Birthday: September 15
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Species: Aeolian; born in Avalon, Aeolus

Hair: Dark brown; hangs to her lower back and is wavy
Eyes: Bright blue
Complexion: Dark tan; doesn’t seem effected by exposure to sunlight
Height: 5’7”
Build: Average; is a bit more on the slim side
Other: Black wings

Family: Mother (Aurore, 51), father (Aqulio, 53)
Occupation: Queen of Aeolus

Alizéa is a sheltered and somewhat selfish young lady who views herself above most, although her general want to be accepted allows to her to get along with most people. She can come across as arrogant in most situations, but her heart is usually in the right place. She does care about her people and wants to do whats best for them in the long run. She tries to be friendly, but comes across as overbearing instead. She gets angry more than she feels she needs to, and is slowly trying to work on that issue.

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