Kailyn 'Kai' Sheridan

Name: Kailyn ‘Kai’ Ilya Sheridan (nee Vance)
Birthday: July 15
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Human; raised in St. Thomas, Iowa

Hair: Reddish-brown; hangs to her lower back and is very wavy
Eyes: Bright blue
Complexion: Pale; doesn’t seem effected by exposure to sunlight
Height: 5’6”
Build: Slender; can come off as taller than she actually is
Other: Two holes in each ear; cartilage ring in right ear; freckles; black framed glasses

Family: Mother (Solène, 45), father (Jonathon, 46), twin brother (Devlan, 25), husband (Dylan, 25)
Occupation: Astromoner

Kailyn is a dreamer, always looking to add adventure in her life, no matter how small. She contents herself to small town life, however, despite her obsession with stars. She is friendly for the most part, always seeing the good in people unless they give her a reason to dislike and distrust them. Most people think her reaction to her mother leaving the family is completely wrong, but she has every faith that her mother will return someday. She tries her best to be a good person, but panics in crisis, and can hold a grudge for a while.

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Dylan Sheridan

Name: His Imperial Highness Di’lan Y’von Suredan
Birthday: June 10
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Nereid; born and raised in Avon, Nereus

Hair: Medium blue; cut relatively short
Eyes: Blue right; green left
Complexion: Tan; can get a little darker in the sun
Height: 6’1”
Build: Athletic; seems to be very in shape
Other: Cartilage ring in left ear

Family: Mother (Ma’elle, 46), father (Y’von, 48), younger sister (Da’lany, 23), younger brother (Da’vid, 17), wife (Kailyn, 25)
Occupation: Crown prince of Nereus; mechanic

Dylan is a charismatic young man who finds the expectations placed upon him to be a little stifling. While he doesn’t mind the expectations of being a prince, he seeks his freedom in any way he can. He is friendly, willing to help anyone who seeks it from him, so long as he agrees with their cause. He finds he simply has a way with people, being able to read them fairly well. He finds his major fault to be holding grudges for entirely too long, and seeks to control his anger a little better.

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Mickel Tallis

Name: Mickel Tallis
Birthday: October 1
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Thanatian; born in San Francisco, California

Hair: Teal; cut a little on the longer side and colored brown
Eyes: Blue
Complexion: White; lacks any sort of pigment
Height: 5’10”
Build: Average; doesn’t seem to have much muscle mass
Other:One hole in right ear; cartilage ring in right ear; black 'hipster' glasses

Family: Mother (Ellyn, 57), father (unknown)
Occupation: Astromoner

Mickel tries to be a fairly average geek boy with aspirations of making it big in the world somehow. He’s not entirely too sure how he’s going to manage that, since he feels he’s mostly invisible and not anything special. His upbringing , however, causes him to question the motives of just about everyone he encounters, causing him to come off as more paranoid then he wants. Despite this, he is fairly friendly to about everyone he meets. He gets more annoyed than angry at people.

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Gabriella 'Gabby' Acadia

Name: Gabriella ‘Gabby’ Acadia
Birthday: August 14
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Human; born and raised in St. Thomas, Iowa

Hair: Dark brown; shaved on the left half
Eyes: Green
Complexion: Medium brown; doesn’t seem effected by exposure to sunlight
Height: 5’4”
Build: Average; doesn’t seemed to have much fat on her
Other: Two holes in each ear; cartilage ring in right ear

Family: Mother (unknown), father (unknown), paternal aunt (Janelle, 49), uncle (Steven Hendersen, 52), younger cousin (Hannah Hendersen, 12)
Occupation: Observatory social media intern

Gabriella considers herself to be completely average, which she finds strikingly boring. She finds herself searching for her own identity in any way that she can, although she does believe in keeping true to her own self. However, she feels a little ‘disconnected’ with the world, although she can’t explain why. For the most part, she is curious about the world around her, although she’s perfectly content to keep her feet on the ground. She tries to stay positive about everything, but even she has a breaking point.

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Devlan 'Dev' Vance

Name: Devlan ‘Dev’ Jonathon Vance
Birthday: July 15
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Human; raised in St. Thomas, Iowa

Hair: Dark brown; cut short and is wavy
Eyes: Bright blue
Complexion: Pale; doesn’t seem effected by exposure to sunlight
Height: 6’3”
Build: Lanky; seems a bit too tall for his frame
Other: Black frame glasses

Family: Mother (Solène, 45), father (Jonathon, 46), twin sister (Kailyn, 25)
Occupation: Mechanic

Devlan is a calm and calculating young man who feels extremely overprotective of his twin sister. He sees the universe for what it is, and doesn’t expect anything out of anyone as a result. He tries to look on the bright side of things for the most part, although most consider him a realist. He tries to keep the peace for the most part, able to look at both sides of a problem and find an acceptable solution. He gets annoyed more so than angry in most cases.

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Aerona Argall

Name: Her Royal Highness Aerona Helia Argall
Birthday: September 20
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Helian; born and raised in Hyperion City, Helios

Hair: Golden blonde; hangs to her mid-back
Eyes: Gold
Complexion: Blue; can get darker with exposure to sunlight
Height: 6’
Build: Slight; looks very stretched out
Other: Three holes in each ear; elongated and pointed ears; small black horns; long lizard-like tail; slitted eyes

Family: Mother (Hafwen, 50), father (Uwain, 53), older sister (Meinwen, 30), younger sister (Carwen, 21), husband (Gaius, 25)
Occupation: Crown princess and heir apparent of Helios

Aerona is a bit of an excitably young lady who likes to find beauty in the world around her. She can come off as a little too much at times, but she finds being ‘average’ to be boring. She is friendly almost to a fault, and many find her almost too trusting. But she feels most people aren’t bad people, and she can usually tell when people had malicious intent. She doesn’t anger easily thanks to her worldview, but has been known to lose her temper from time to time.

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Ta'lia Stanton

Name: Ta’lia Stanton
Birthday: February 17
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Species: Gaian; born and raised in Thermodon, Gaios

Hair: Dark green; hangs to her lower back and usually in a low braid
Eyes: Pale violet
Complexion: Dark brown; tends to get darker with exposure to sunlight
Height: 5’9”
Build: Athletic; has well toned muscles
Other: One hole in each ear; dark grey wolf ears; dark grey wolf tail with white tip

Family: Mother (Ma’ia, 45), father (Eli’ah, 49)
Occupation: Galatic Federation of Planets Lieutenant; Princess Aerona'a bodyguard

Ta’lia is a strong willed young lady who feels she needs to prove herself to the world. She’s spent most of her life feeling like she’s less than nothing thanks to the fact that her mother abandoned her and her father. As such, she tends to take risks that most people would consider insane. Despite this, she is friendly and helpful, ready and willing to make new friends whenever possible. She tries not to get too angry too often, but she is only human, so to speak.

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Name: Omega
Birthday: unknown
Age: unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Thanatian

Hair: Dark pink; hangs straight to her mid-back
Eyes: Violet right, teal left
Complexion: White; lacks any sort of pigment
Height: 5’5”
Build: Slender; doesn’t have much fat on her
Other: Black scars over left eye

Family: Mother (unknown), father (unknown), twin sister (Alpha)
Occupation: Rogue

Omega is a fairly calm and cunning young lady who likes to watch and observe her world around her. She delights most in people and their relationships and seeing how they develop and change over time. She doesn't like the fact that she can't truly interact with the universe, relagated to simply an observer, but she still continues to so her best to better what she can. She tries, for the most part, to be approachable, although she knows her injury is a buit off-putting. She is slow to anger, being more prone to annoyance than anything else.

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