Book 1: Waiting for Superman

Lane Wilkinson as somehow managed to land the job of a lifetime – working as a programmer for Davenport Industries, which is the world leader in technology. Moving to a new city presents problems she never expected as she tries to avoid the CEO of her company as well as reconnect with her seemingly estranged boyfriend. To make matters worse, her boyfriend happens to be the local superhero Ultro, who has decided to keep his secret life from Lane.

However, she finds herself treading deep water when aliens land on Earth and start to wreak havoc on the city she lives in. To make matters worse, she has the rotten luck to be present when they land, causing her to strangely be a target in most of their attacks. Having never faced someone stronger than him, Lane worries that this new experience might just be too much for Ultro.

Book 2: We Could Be Heroes

Lane Wilkinson is living her dream life – she’s gotten her dream job at Davenport Industries, she spends her days with her best friend Miles, and she’s now engaged to her long time boyfriend and local superhero, Ultro. But things get a little complicated when two new superheroes show up in the city, and the trio is unsure if they are truly friend or foe.

While they seem friendly at first, their allegiance is called into question when one of manages to have Ultro captured and taken off world, causing Lane’s perfect little world to crumble. Faced with a future without Greg in it, Lane must figure out a way to right the wrong and bring Ultro safely home.

Book 3: Trustfall

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