Book 1: Waiting for Superman

Lane Wilkinson considers herself to be fairly lucky. A recent college graduate, she manages to get an offer on a job not three months after she graduates. While she’s terrified of starting a new life on her own, she’s excited about the adventure and the new people she’s bound to meet.

She is quickly placed out of her element when one of the investigative reporters she works with takes an odd interest in her, and decides to make Lane her personal IT specialist, which includes going out in the field with her. Here, she discovers that her estranged boyfriend, whom she hasn’t had any contact with in four years, may just be the superhero everyone’s been going nuts about.

And while she has to come to terms with this fact as well, a threat bigger than anything he’s had to deal with looms on the horizon, and Lane finds herself caught up in a cosmic battle that’ll decide the fate of Earth.

Book 2: We Could Be Heroes

After surviving a near devastating alien invasion, the city of New Lonsdale is at peace once again. Lane Wilkinson enjoys this peace more than most, as it means that her fiancé and local superhero Greg Hudson, alias Ultro, is able to relax and spend time with her. She doesn't get to see him as often as she would like, but she understands that just comes with the territory. She couldn't be happier with her life.

When two new superheroes show up months after they were needed, Lane, Greg, and their friend and former supervillian Miles Davenport are suspicious at first. Lane entertains the idea of them joining Ultro and starting the League of Superheroes she once dreamed of. But one of the duo isn't what he appears to be, and brings down disaster upon the Earth the likes the world has yet to see.

With her world in ruin, Lane must once again find the strength to help save the world once more, but this time, she might be entirely too late.

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