Lane Wilkinson

Lane Wilkinson - click for full viewFull Name: Lane Olivia Wilkinson
Birthday: August 14
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Origins: Born and raised in Littleton

Hair: Bright auburn; hangs straight to her mid-back
Eyes: Green
Complexion: Pale; doesn’t get outside much and burns very easily
Height: 5’6”
Build: Slender; has a very slight figure
Other: Two holes in each ear; cartilage ring in left ear; freckles; blue framed glasses

Family: Mother (Sylvia, 43), father (Peter, 44)
Occupation: Programmer at Davenport Industries

Lane is a shy and unimposing young lady who is trying to figure out her place in the world. She is terrified of trying new things, although she forces herself into situations that make her uncomfortable just to experience them and so she could say she doesn’t like them. She is a friendly sort, making friends easily without trying. She believes that kindness is best, and she tries hard not to make enemies. She doesn’t get angry all that often, and she mostly keeps it to herself when she does.

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Gregory 'Greg' Hudson/Ultro

Gregory 'Greg' Hudson - click for full viewFull Name: Gregory Michael Hudson
Birthday: August 14
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Origins: Unknown; raised in Littleton

Hair: Medium brown; worn a little on the longer side
Eyes: Brown
Complexion: Tan; tends to get darker in the sunlight
Height: 6’3”
Build: Lanky; seems a bit drawn out
Other: Cartilage ring in right ear; black framed glasses

Family: Adopted mother (Elyse, 55), adopted father (Christopher, 55)
Occupation: Assistant to Darcy Adams; Ultro

Greg is a confident and unassuming young man who has a great love for nerd culture. He tends to be the sort to give his left arm to help others, almost to the point where he neglects his own needs. He sort of feels he owes the world a debt of gratitude for allowing him to exist in it, and spends most of his time trying to protect it the best he can. He tends towards being friendly, although he will lose his temper if those he cares about are being threatened.

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Miles Davenport

Miles Davenport - click for full viewFull Name: Miles Patrick Davenport
Birthday: February 27
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Origins: Born and raised in Littleton

Hair: Reddish brown; shaved on right half of his head
Eyes: Green
Complexion: Light brown; can get darker in the sunlight
Height: 5’11”
Build: Average; is a bit more muscular than most
Other: One hole in left ear

Family: Mother (Elizabeth, 46), father (Jonas, deceased), stepmother (Catherine, 60)
Occupation: CEO of Davenport Industries

Miles is a self-assured young man who recently inherited his father’s multi-billion dollar corporation, despite his young age. While he’s been known not to be the responsible sort, he takes his job seriously, although he does tend to like to have fun as well. He finds the concept of Ultro confounding, to the point where he desires to find his weakness. He tends to be friendly for the most part, putting on an outside image of philanthropy. However, he’s also been known to hold grudges for a long time.

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Jordan Halstrom/Specter

Full Name: Jordan Alexander Halstrom
Birthday: June 15
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Origins: Born and raised in Blackdale

Hair: Light blond; cut short a slightly shaggy
Eyes: Blue
Complexion: Pale; doesn’t seem to change even with exposure to sunlight
Height: 5’11”
Build: Average; seems to have hidden muscle mass
Other: Blind

Family: Mother (Jessica, 50), father (James, deceased)
Occupation: College sophomore; Specter

Jordan is a more or less laid back sort of man who likes to observe more than get involved. He enjoys his position as a member of the Spectrum merely because nothing generally happens in his patrol area, and he is allowed to observe the people without much interaction. He is, for the most part, friendly and helpful if need be, although he has been called gruff from time to time. He gets annoyed more so than angry, mostly because angry takes too much effort.

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Alan Barnett/Speedy

Full Name: Alan Henry Barnett
Birthday: September 23
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Origins: Born and raised in Blackdale

Hair: Dark brown, nearly black; cut short
Eyes: Brown
Complexion: Tan; can get darker in the sun
Height: 5’9”
Build: Average; lacks muscle mass
Other: One hole in right ear

family: Mother (Sarah, 60), father (Leonard, 62), older brothers (Daniel, 34; Jonathon, 30); older sisters (Amy, 28; Heather, 26; Elyse, 23), younger brothers (Kyle, 16; Nathan, 13), younger sister (Rachel, 11)
Occupation: Engineering intern at Davenport Industries; college sophomore; Speedy

Alan is a somewhat excitable young man who wants nothing more than to experiance the world and have grand adventures. He feels as though his life in surburbia had been stifling him somewhat, and his friends like to complain about how slow he tends to be. He strives to please people, getting into trouble constantly as people tend to take advantage of the fact. He’s taking strides to become his own person, learning to say no. He doesn’t get angry very often, mostly because he’s scared of how people would react if he did.

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