Genetic Experiment

Brinna Wyatt was kidnapped at the age of three and experimented on in order to become a 'perfect woman'. However, due to an accident that left several scientists dead and Brinna stranded on an unknown planet, she has her first taste of freedom. However, she is discovered not too long, and deemed too 'simple' to function in normal society due to inability to understand the language the indigenous people spoke.

She spends eight years in what is termed a 'half-wit community', learning all she can about the planet she landed on, and anything else she can get her hands onto. She thought the rest of her life would be more of the same, until she met a Dragon Rider by the name of Damien Black, who set her on an adventure that would change her life completely.

Genetic Origins

Brinna Wyatt is finally living the life she's always dreamed of. Reunited with her mother and younger brother, she enjoys her life among the people of Caserus, Demeter, particularly the time she gets to spend with her boyfriend, Damien. There's just one problem with her idyllic life.

She's wanted by the most dangerous man in the known galaxy.

And when an unexpected space visitor lands in her backyard, she starts to wonder if her life will ever be the simple dream she's always hoped it would be. Faced with impossible task of hiding a fugitive along with herself, she discovers a secret that could spell doom for her entire way of living.

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