Robert Defoe is a prince with a problem - his subjects have little to no respect for him, and nothing he does seems to meet their approval. As oldest son and heir to the kingdom of Lumentis, he is determined to prove to his people that he is, in fact, the ruler they need in the future. The problem is that the one thing that might just do the trick happens to be the most dangerous thing he’s ever done in his life, and he doesn’t have the skills to actually survive on his own.

Buttercup Angelia is a simple farm girl with a simple life. However, being Alterian living just outside the kingdom of Lumentis poses its own risks, as her people are branded demons and wild folk merely for their beliefs. A passive girl, she is forced to learn combat, becoming a rather skilled archer in order to protect herself. However, she finds her skills put to the test when Lumentians raid her village, and mistake her for someone she’s clearly not.

With news that the Angelus Dei, a peaceful goddess who looks over all within the world, has disappeared, the world seems on the verge of war. Her brother, the Diabolus Dei, is to blame, but only the crown prince of Lumentis, along with his bodyguard, seem interested in learning the truth. Things aren’t always what they seem, however, and sometimes the world’s greatest truth is in fact the greatest lie.


Prologue: Creation
Chapter One: Prince
Chapter Two: Scholar
Chapter Three: Flower
Chapter Four: Farmer
Chapter Five: Rumors
Chapter Six: Questions
Chapter Seven: Ponder
Chapter Eight: Capture
Chapter Nine: Quest
Chapter Ten: Travel
Chapter Eleven: Information
Chapter Twelve: Bandits
Chapter Thirteen: Unsure
Chapter Fourteen: Nomads
Chapter Fifteen: Odessa
Chapter Sixteen: Thief
Chapter Seventeen: Dante
Chapter Eighteen: Priestess
Chapter Nineteen: Dei
Chapter Twenty: Explanations
Chapter Twenty-one: Return
Chapter Twenty-two: Discovery
Chapter Twenty-three: Temple
Chapter Twenty-four: Angelus
Chapter Twenty-five: Support
Chapter Twenty-six: Gracia
Chapter Twenty-seven: Raze
Chapter Twenty-eight: Truth
Chapter Twenty-nine: Rebirth
Chapter Thirty: Royalty
Epilogue: Vows

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