Demeter Civilian Profiles

Black, Danika

Name: Danika Black
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 29
Age: 10
Nationality: Demetrian; born in Caserus, Demeter

Hair: Dark brown; cut shaggily below her ears with a small braid on her right side
Eyes: Green
Complexion: Dark tan; spends a lot of time outdoors
Height: 4’8”
Build: Slight; seems to be very agile
Other: None

Family: Mother (Justine, 50), father (Marcus, 50), older sister (Delicia, 21), older brother (Damien, 18)
Occupation: Youngest daughter of the Head Dragon Rider of Caserus

Danika is a hyper girl with more energy than even she knows what to do with. She likes to break tradition wherever she can, mostly because she believes that traditions need to be broken sometimes. She enjoys messing with her older sister since she views her as a stick in the mud, and will only really listen to her parents, since she’s rather terrified of them. She has a dream of becoming a Dragon Rider someday, a occupation frowned on greatly by both her sister and her mother. She can be too friendly at times, sometimes getting in the way, and doesn’t get angry very often. Instead, she gets annoyed.

Black-Davidson, Delicia

Name: Delicia Black-Davidson
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 23
Age: 21
Nationality: Demetrian; born in Caserus, Demeter

Hair: Honey blond; hangs to her lower back and is slightly wavy
Eyes: Brown
Complexion: Average; tends to get slightly darker with exposure to sun
Height: 5’6”
Build: Curvy; tends to be slightly larger than average
Other: None

Family: Mother (Justine, 41), father (Marcus, 42), younger brother (Damien, 18), younger sister (Danika, 10), husband (Nickolas, 25)
Occupation: Oldest daughter of the Head Dragon Rider of Caserus; wife of the town blacksmith

Delicia is a very strict young lady who believes that traditions are everything. After all, they’re traditions for a reason. Despite the fact that her own mother is a very powerful woman within their town, she believes that women belong only in the kitchen, and should be seen and not heard. She’s taken up the role of motherly figure towards her younger sister, although it wasn’t required or wanted of her, and she takes her education very seriously. She can seem friendly to most, but those closest to her view her as more condescending than anything else. She tries not to get angry often, as that’s not a trait favorable in women, but her little sister tends to push her buttons more than she’d like.

Hawkins, Shaylee

Name: Shaylee Hawkins
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 27
Age: 18
Nationality: Demetrian; born in Caserus, Demeter

Hair: Orange; hangs straight to the middle of her back
Eyes: Green
Complexion: Pale; tends to burn easily with exposure to sun
Height: 5’4”
Build: Chubby; still has a bit of baby fat on her
Other: One hole in each ear

Family: Mother (Emily, 58), father (Adam, 55), older sisters (Shelby, 25; Melissa, 21), younger sisters (Morgan, 14; Elizabeth, 11)
Occupation: Middle daughter of the Governor of Caserus

Shaylee is a shy young lady who’d rather hide behind others than be noticed. However, due to her father’s position, she’s forced into the limelight more often than she’d care for. Most people forget that she even exists, and sometimes forgets than she’s even in the room with them, which is how she prefers things. Despite her social handicap, she is extremely friendly towards those willing to talk to her, so long as they are patient with her. Due to her shy nature, she doesn’t lose her temper easily, except in the case of her sisters.

Langley, Rebecca

Name: Rebecca Langley
Gender: Female
Birthday: February 23
Age: 20
Nationality: Demetrian; born in Delia, Demeter

Hair: Reddish brown; hangs to her shoulder blades
Eyes: Brown
Complexion: Tan; tends to get darker with exposure to the sun
Height: 5’3”
Build: Average; a bit on the thin side
Other: None

Family: Mother (Jessica, 36), father (Eugene, 37)
Occupation: Servant to the Head Dragon Rider

Rebecca is a sweet and easily frightened young lady who is extremely curious about the world around her. She tries her hardest at everything she does, and gets easily frustrated when she can’t perform tasks as well as she thinks she should. She likes to try to be independent, but she knows she can only do so much in the state she’s in now. Despite being terrified of most people, she becomes extremely friendly to those who take the time to get to know her.

Sedgwick, Cornelius

Name: Cornelius James Sedgwick
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 23
Age: 65
Nationality: Coelian; born on the Coelius Colony

Hair: Medium brown; shaved with grey around the temples
Eyes: Brown
Complexion: Tan; tends to get darker in the sunlight
Height: 5’11”
Build: Muscular; is very fit for a man his age
Other: None

Family: Mother (Emily, deceased), father (James, 89), older sister (Amelia, deceased), younger brothers (Michael, 60; Robert, 57), wife (Jessica, 53), daughters (Cornelia, 39; Erica, 35; Rebecca, 30), grandchildren (Emerson, 15; Rachel, 12; Kyle, 10; Joseph, 10; Elyse, 5)
Occupation: General of the C.O.S.M.O.S. Exploration Division

Sedgwick is a hard working man who likes to get results. He expects things to always go his way, or the way they were planned, or else expects someone else to fix the problem. He is always right, even when he’s wrong, and he doesn’t expect arguments. He has become obsessed with the Genetic Experiment that managed to get away, and wants nothing more than to find her, and either return her or kill her. He claims he doesn’t get angry, but has been known to blow his top more often than not.

Tataka, Takeshi

Name: Takeshi Tataka
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 29
Age: 19
Nationality: Rikugoan; born on the Rikugo Colony

Hair: Dark brown; styled in a Caesar cut
Eyes: Brown
Complexion: Light ocher; doesn’t seem to change with exposure to sun
Height: 5’11”
Build: Average; is very well toned
Other: Prosthetic left eye; prosthetic right arm; prosthetic left leg

Family: Mother (unknown), father (unknown)
Occupation: Captain of the pirate ship Kahai

Takeshi is a very charismatic young man who seems to think the world absolutely loves him. Generally, he is well liked, although seen as self-centered most of the time. Some think this is just an act, as he’s shown great concern over other people and their problems. He enjoys showing off, despite how annoying it can be. Despite his attitude, he is very friendly and tries to come off as approachable. He gets annoyed easily, but is slow to outright anger.

Wyatt, Brinna

Name: Brinna ‘Bri’ Diane Wyatt
Gender: Female
Birthday: June 21
Age: 17
Nationality: Coelian; born on the Coelus Colony

Hair: Dark brown; cut to just above her shoulders with front half blonde
Eyes: Blue
Complexion: Light ocher; doesn’t seem to change with exposure to sun
Height: 5’8”
Build: Slender; seems to be of a perfect weight
Other: Double scar over left eye; barcode tattoo on nape of neck; mechanical left leg

Family: Mother (Ayame, 41), father (William, 42), older brother (William, Jr, deceased), younger brother (Ian, 15)
Occupation: Mechanic; Honorary Dragon Rider in the Sapphire Wing

Brinna is a curious girl who has faced a lot of hardships in her past. Despite this, she remains inquisitive about the world around her, wanting to know everything about every thing. Due to the experimentation on her when she was very young, she tends to be better at just about everything a person can do - stronger, faster, able to remember things longer and further back than most. She is shy about this fact, though, not wanting people to believe she’s better than them. She is a friendly girl, however, willing to help when needed, and doesn’t get outright angry very often.

Wyatt, Ian

Name: Ian Joseph Wyatt
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 30
Age: 15
Nationality: Coelian; born on the Coelius Colony

Hair: Dark brown; cut short but messy
Eyes: Brown
Complexion: Light ocher; doesn’t seem to change with exposure to sun
Height: 5’9”
Build: Average; doesn’t have much muscle mass
Other: One hole in right ear

Family: Mother (Ayame, 41), father (William, 42), older brother (William, Jr, deceased), older sister (Brinna, 17)
Occupation: Botanist assistant

Ian is a generally happy and well-adjusted young man who tends to see the greater good in everything he sees. While he’s quite content living on his colony, he has always dreamed about exploring the stars, and jumped at the chance to join C.O.S.M.O.S. despite his mother’s objections. The only thing that really gets him down is not knowing his two older siblings, since they were both taken in various ways when he was just a baby. But it’s because of this that he’s kept a positive attitude to help his mother. He is slow to anger thanks to this, but does tend to get annoyed easily.

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