Welcome to The Cupid Trilogy, the home of Erin-hime's 2012 NaNoWriMo story by the same name. I hope you enjoy your stay here, and have fun viewing the different sections of the site!


May 26, 2013: Good Lord, has it really been almost four months since my last update? I'm getting bad about this. Sadly, though, this is the last update I'll probably make in a good, long time. Yep, I finally finished the last chapter of the last book, meaning that the Cupid Trilogy is officially finished! To celebrate, I ended up putting 10 pictures in the gallery (two in Psyche, two in Eros, one in Maddie, one in Hades, one in Hedone, three in Groups, and one in Miscellaneous). Other than that, the last chapter has been uploaded. I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I liked writing it!

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