Illianna ‘Illy’ Majere/Lily

'Lily'Full Name: Her Royal Highness Illianna Roselyn Majere
Age:  15 at start/17 at time skip
Gender:  Female
Nationality:  Artemisian

Hair:  Golden blonde; hangs straight to her lower back
Eyes:  Crystal blue
Complexion:  Pale; tends to burn very easily
Height:  5’5”
Build:  Slender; doesn’t seem to have much fat on her
Other:  Wears kohl around eyes

Family:  Mother (Roselyn, deceased), father (Ilias, deceased), older brother (Dracen, 19)
Occupation:  Handmaiden to Duchess Evangeline; princess of Artemisia

Illy is a confident young lady who more or less knows what she wants out of life.  When she was younger, she was very timid thanks to her upbringing, which taught her that her life didn’t have much value compared to the men around her.  She has always been the friendly sort, not believing that any one person was better than another, and she enjoys spending time with a variety of people.  She can get annoyed easily, although it takes a lot for her to express her anger.


Leo Callahoun

LeoFull Name:  Leo Callahoun
Age:  16 at start/ 18 at time skip
Gender:  Male
Nationality:  Apolloian

Hair:  Medium brown; shaved on right side
Eyes:  Brown
Complexion:  Reddish brown; tends to get darker in sunlight
Height:  6’3”
Build:  Lanky; seems a bit too tall for his frame
Other:  Wears kohl around eyes; freckles

Family:  Mother (Meredith, 40), father (Patrick, 46), younger brothers (Brian, 16; Michael, 15; Justin, 11; Jeremy, 8; Tyler, 5), younger sisters (Jessica, 13; Elizabeth 10; Marie, 6; Crystal, 3; Tessa, 1)
Occupation:  Ward to Duchess Evangeline

Leo is a self-assured young man who feels he knows what’s best for any situation.  Despite this, he is very self-conscious about his decisions, worried about making the wrong ones that’ll harm himself and others in the process.  He was raised to take control of most situations, and to take care of others first and foremost.  He can come off as rather cold at times thanks to his know-it-all attitude, but in reality is very friendly and willing to help anyone in need.  He is quick to anger at times, although he tries to make up for it if he feels it was undeserved.

Evangeline Peltser

EvangelineFull Name:  Duchess Evangeline Starflower Peltser
Age:  25 at start/ 27 at time skip
Gender:  Female
Nationality:  Apolloian

Hair:  Blood red; hands in slight waves to her lower back
Eyes:  Green
Complexion:  Reddish brown; doesn’t change much in sun
Height:  5’3”
Build:  Curvy; has a bit of fat on her
Other:  Wears kohl around eyes; pointed ears

Family:  Mother (Dalilah, 315), father (Edward, 60)
Occupation:  Duchess of Apollon

Evangeline is an overzealous young lady who only views what’s best for her people.  She tends to view the destination as the most important aspect out of life and rarely thinks of the journey.  She views people as her pawns for the most part, although she understands they are people first and foremost.  She is out to prove that she is a good leader, and used that in all her decision making process.  She is actually very friendly, willing to help anyone who needs it.  She is very calculating in her anger, making sure it is justified before making any judgement calls.

Dap Donahue

DapFull Name:  Dap Donahue
Age:  17 at start/19 at time skip
Gender:  Male
Nationality:  Apolloian

Hair:  Silver; hangs to his jaw and slightly wavy
Eyes:  Brown
Complexion:  Reddish brown; tends to burn easily
Height:  6’
Build:  Average; has a bit of muscle on him
Other:  Wears kohl around eyes; sideburns and goatee

Family:  Mother (Sarah, 43), father (William, 45), older brother (Shadow, deceased), younger brother (Daniel, 15)
Occupation:  Knight of Ingulia

Dap is a generally happy young man who doesn’t have many responsibilities in life.  While he does take his duties as a Knight of Ingulia very seriously, his station allows for him to spend most of his time doing whatever he wants.  He is friendly to a fault, befriending just about everyone he meets.  He tends to see the good in most situations while others can’t, and usually attempts to ease people’s worries and fears.  He is very slow to anger, tending to look at all sides of a problem before making any decisions.

Nora Vaughn

NoraFull Name: Nora Vaughn
Age: 16 at start/18 at time skip
Gender: Female
Nationality: Letoian

Hair: Black; hangs to her upper back
Eyes: Brown
Complexation: Tan; has a slight greyish undertone
Height: 5’4”
Build: Slight; looks slightly malnourished
Other: Wears kohl around eyes

Family: Mother (Alexandria, 36), father (unknown)
Occupation: Seamstress; maid and companion to Princess Illianna

Nora is a somewhat excitable young lady who takes her duties and her friendships very seriously. She strives to please everyone she comes in contact with, although she is aware that it is next to impossible to accomplish this. Most of the time, it seems as though she doesn’t do much thinking for herself, agreeing with whoever is in charge as that’s the way she was taught. However, in recent years, she has been slowly learning to voice her own thoughts. She is friendly and tries to be helpful, and has been taught never to get angry at anything out of her control.

Dracen Majere

DracenFull Name:  His Imperial Highness Dracen Ilias Majere
Age:  17 at start/ 19 at time skip
Gender:  Male
Nationality:  Artemisian

Hair:  Reddish blonde; cut short
Eyes:  Crystal blue
Complexion:  Pale; tends to tan easily
Height:  5’11”
Build:  Average; doesn’t have much muscle mass
Other:  None

Family:  Mother (Roselyn, deceased), father (Ilias, deceased), younger sister (Illianna, 17)
Occupation:  King of Artemisia

Dracen is a very cold and calculating young ruler who thinks of nothing more than ways to expand his rule.  He had been taught at a very young age that he was above everyone else that he came across, with the exception of his father.  Despite this, he views his sister as his equal, and values her above everyone else.  He tends to think selfishly in order to achieve his goals, and doesn’t really pay attention to who he had to get through in order to achieve them.  He can be friendly to those he deems worthy, but they are far and few between, and will most likely betray him anyway.  He is very quick to anger, believing that anyone who disagrees with him ought to be put to death.

Magnus Novak

MagnusFull Name:  Magnus Novak
Age:  unknown
Gender:  Male
Nationality:  unknown

Hair:  Light brown; cut in a Caesar style
Eyes:  Brown
Complexion:  Tan; tends to get darker in the sun
Height:  5’8”
Build:  Average; has a bit of fat on him
Other:  Scar over left eye; sideburns

Family:  unknown
Occupation:  Advisor and court magician to King Dracen

Magnus is a mysterious gentleman who has been serving the royal family of Ingulia for several generations.  His history remains clouded, although its not because he is withholding information.  Some people claim that he is so old that he has forgotten much is his past.  He is considered very wise with his advice, freely giving it to anyone who seeks it.  He views the prince and princess as his own children, and has helped raised them to the best of his ability since they were small children.  There isn’t much that’ll make him angry, although if one does, they will face a wrath unlike anything they have ever seen.

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